180sx Tuning Parts List Part 3 (Towards a Loserless Car at the Circuit)

Since it will not react to the 1500 cc of NA and the new car by all means at the circuit, we started tuning to run a little faster.

Nissan (genuine) R33 GT-R brake caliper

September 12, 2016
Category: Brake> Brake Caliper

For front use
Simultaneous exchange at the time of making 5 holes
All in the diversion work left to the shop. [Content points]
Feeling that you got it
The master cylinder and the booster are still 180sx genuine, but I do not feel capacity shortage.
For front R 33 and rear R 34 in disk size
Front and rear braking force balance is just right feeling.

[Unhappy point]
Since it is a used part, it was a strange color so I would like to reapply it someday.

Nissan (genuine) R34 rear brake caliper

September 12, 2016
Category: Brake> Brake Caliper

When making 5 holes rear knuckle together for R 34 skyline diverted side brake becomes in-drum and caliper to opposed 2 pod
[Content points]
Good balance between front and rear

[Unhappy point]
The unsprung weight has increased considerably.

When making 5 holes, it is better to feel that the size of the disk is increased by leaving the single-push caliper.

Nissan (genuine) R32 original wheel 16 inches 8J

September 12, 2016
Category: Tires / Wheels> Wheel

Regular diversion wheel R32 GT-R genuine wheel
16 inch 8 J offset +30
It is light and has good cooling. [Content points]
It becomes somewhat Hamitai but slightly fits in the fender depending on the tire.
I like the lightweight due to aluminum forging with a good appearance.

[Unhappy point]
When the 180 sx normal fender, the front protrudes
The vehicle inspection is out.
If I drop the car or camber it, it will fit somehow.

Purchase price ¥ 21,000
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KTS / Kind Techno structure full harness 3 inch seat belt 4 point type

September 12, 2016
Category: interior> seat belt related

Since the butt has started to slip downhill or full braking of the circuit, full harness introduction for waist fixing Even if it keeps on from normal, there is no problem.
feel well.
[Content points]
Because the 3-inch clavicle does not hurt

[Unhappy point]
The installation was SR-6 seat rail and some processing was necessary.

Purchase price ¥ 10,800
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September 12, 2016
Category: interior> steering


It does not become a straight arm in any cornering, you can control with the elbow bent.

35φ deep cone punching leather type

Daikei Airbag Support Boss S – 234 (for Horn Connector 4 P) Nissan S13 Series / 180SX H7y5 – H11y1 Used

Finally I got the best position

[Content points]

When drifting with a normal handle it was tough to change but it was improved.
Easy to drive everyday [Unhappy point]
It’s a bit pricey
Purchase price ¥ 25,000
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Member color

September 12, 2016
Category: Other> Others

Well, there was something similar to Rijikara in the shop so let me have it. Diff is easier to make sounds.
The part that makes contact with the body is metal and the lower part of the arm is made of resin.
Cut the circular metallic collar with a sander and hit the member root to fit it in (it seems easy to remove later)

[Content points]
Flexing when load is applied to the left and right on a circuit or the like Fishing,

[Unhappy point]
It usually feels like comfortable riding. Def diffuses too much

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September 12, 2016
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire

Since it is the central circuit race to be away soon, I will change the same size from practice ATR SPORTS 2 POTENZAS001
Nankang NS-2R
Finally wearing the same size wearing high grip radial finally.
Because the same size, the city ride is nice feeling

Of course, the performance of bending stopping performance of the top among these two types

[Content points]

Because it is flat with 55 high grips, it’s comfortable to ride.
Perhaps I think that it will shrink 2 seconds at the central circuit w

From town ride to circuit riding
I think it is a very good tire with a wide range of defense.

[Unhappy point]
Because there are no longitudinal grooves, it seems that there is a puddle. .

Rain grip is the strongest level in my history.
Even if it rains it will attack, but I may die of a puddle w

Additional notes
Normal turbine, with boost 0.5 (normal) specification
Central circuit 1’35’450
Temperature 27 degrees
Suzuka twin full course 1’09’4
Temperature 28 degrees

Each 1 to 2 seconds from Asian high grip time
(Including course included)

Circuit run 5 times
Mileage 3000 km

Even in sports run 90%, since the groove is half left, durability seems to be quite good.

Purchase price ¥ 44,000
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October 29, 2016
Category: Cooling system> Intercooler
Introduction for countermeasures against knocking frequently occurring at the track of the circuit.
Thanks to the lower intake air temperature, knocking drastically decreased. The power FC knocking meter no longer exceeded 40. (Previously it was over 100)
Although there is a boost down by the cause below, since the power feeling is up, the time of the circuit has improved. When installing in a genuine bumper, it seems that it took a considerable amount of time to process the bumper although it can be installed perfectly with the included kit.
[Content points]
I installed it by knocking measures, but the acceleration of the straight improved a little.
Feeling like a torque band spreading.
[Unhappy point]
Normal Turbine, Normal Actuator, Normal Solenoid Whether there is pressure loss or Normal At the time of intercooler boost 0.65 It was only up to 0.5 after being replaced.

However, the torque band spread and the time of the circuit was up. In addition, the knocking value came to be low even when running for 2 consecutive weeks, and the water temperature became difficult to rise slightly.
Knocking has hundreds of dollars and no interest.
The measure of the intake air temperature proved to be preeminent for turbo cars.

About boost down
We plan to improve by adding boost controller and reinforcement actuator.

* Cost includes wages

Purchase price ¥ 66,000
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Intake aluminum suction pipe

October 29, 2016
Category: Intake system> Suction pipe

Pipe leading from the turbine to the intercooler. The shop that is indebted to when the intercooler KIT was installed wore the service.
It looks better.

It seems that this thickness is enough for a normal turbine.

It seems that it is better to be thicker if the large wind turbine exchange is done.

[Content points]

Already popular aluminum
I thought that it would be adhered even with aluminum tape to a genuine urethane pipe on the intake side by static electricity prevention, so it was just a good part exchange.

Thank you for always working with parts and carefully.


November 05, 2016
Category: Electrical system> Boost controller

Boost up to only 0.5 if you left the intercooler in the normal turbine.
If you replace the solenoid valve of the boost controller from the normal solenoid, will it be possible to raise the original 0.65? I thought purchase.
Is the solenoid valve working well, boost is also stable.
I tried setting myself.
Biscy with MAX 0.85! It will stabilize.
It is used with power FC slightly dark eyes. I am reinforcing the fuel pon, but since the injector is normal, it seems to be no problem if boost up to about 1.0.
Even if the discharge fuel is set to MAX by the power FC, it still has a feeling of being affordable (dense).

I will make it thinner and adjust it.

[Content points]
Compact and simple operation.
Finally we can demonstrate the power of power FC.

[Unhappy point]
Not particularly.

Installation is always in the shop taking care of me.
I got the same pressure as the boost meter and I got the pressure of the controller, so exactly the same value comes out.
Truly the technology, great.

We also got a reinforced actuator with a bonus.
I am always grateful for your help.

Purchase price ¥ 25,000
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Installation precautions Special processing is necessary

S13 Reinforcement actuator

Category: Turbocharger system> Actuator

When asking for installation of the boost controller, the parts that the shop wore in the service. For the time being, it strengthened the actuator with the desire to try to use up the performance of a small S13 genuine turbine.
The control is HKS’s EVC-S.

[Content points]
Unlike the normal actuator using 12,000 km, there is spring reinforcement and length adjustment of the rod, so even if the boost controller is off, the supercharging pressure is 0.65 with a bicycle! I will stop.

Because of the normal turbine, torque & power UP can be easily done in middle to high speed range without losing low speed torque.

It is good, strengthening the actuator.

[Unhappy point]
s13 It depends on feeling that a genuine turbine is such a thing.
Reinforced actuator on normal engine, boost up to about 0.8 and it was about 240 horsepower? Feeling. Is the original about 160 horsepower? 180sx SR20DET engine that I only feel.
It seems like it got faster as it was boosted up.

I guess acceleration has improved a bit. . .

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that’s all,

In Part 3, it became preparatory stage for boost-up by continuing turbine exchange.

After that, we will step into power-up finally at 4.