180sx Tuning Parts List No. 1 (those attached with the previous car body)

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As a modification order

Suspension, cooling, fuel system

At the stage of the initial stage was progressing.

YOKOHAMA DNA S.drive ES 03 215/45 R 17
September 24, 2015
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire

Replaced with cracked tires attached at the time of second-hand car purchase.
Early tires had eco drive on the front and pilot preseters on the rear. When this tire was new, the dry grip was not much different from this old tire.
I think that it is probably a friend of Eco Tire.
But it is very quiet and nice feeling. [Content points]
Since it was only sports radial made abroad recently, it is quiet and smooth ride comfort compared with those. [Unhappy point]
I installed it at a mass merchandising store, but about 66,000 yen for comicomi.
I am accustomed to Asian tires and feel expensive.
Purchase price ¥ 66,000
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RECARO Sports seat SR-6 SK100S
September 27, 2015
Category: interior> seat

Sitting comfort with the seat alone is the best.
It is not as hard as full bucket, but in reclining this is the hardest and less tiring.
When sitting on Recaro and holding the steering wheel, I want to go far away in spite. [Content points]
Compared with genuine seat and soft seat, car behavior and road information become much easier to understand.
It feels like a ride comfort as if the car was upgraded. It is a seat that goes very satisfactorily to myself with breathability and low back pain because the seat back was silver mesh.
[Unhappy point]
I wore a handbrake BRIDE EXAS 3 full bucket but the center shift was bad and I could not adjust it myself so I went to Recaro’s pro shop.
However, even with RECARO genuine seat rails, the handle center is displaced. . .
It can not be helped because it is offset to the window side by several centimeters in any car type. . I think the accelerator pedal is getting easier to step on. .
Even with an unfamiliar car, this turns the turning speed of the curve up by 5%.
As expected, the seat is important.
Overall is my favorite.

Purchase price ¥ 150,000
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September 27, 2015
Category: undercarriage> car harmonic kit

F 7 kg
R 5 kg S 13, 180 SX external car harmonics are mostly F 8 kg, R 6 kg.
I want the hardness of normal plus alpha and chose TEIN.
I wanted to raise the car height, but I used it in the suspended condition and feel the minimum ground clearance somehow cleared. Riding comfort
With the combination of JURAN Lowdown Suspension (about 4 kg in spring rate) and genuine shock (overhauled) that was attached at the time of purchasing the body, it jumped over 100 kilograms on the highway and the damper did not work well and the damper moved smoothly, but it was replaced with TEIN Afterwards it became a decent behavior, and I was able to step on the accelerator and brake without reserve. It is a car harmony which is quite compatible if you use town riding and winding normally.
It might feel soft if it is a circuit or high speed stage.

[Content points]
Used for attenuation of suspended condition at delivery. (FR and 6 steps back from hardening) Although it is 16 steps attenuation, setting rather than solidification was a good feeling without doing anything.

Even on a stage like a pass where there is a hole bumpy on the road it will not let you jump too much and will say with a nice touch.
It may be compatible with vehicles with lower body rigidity like 180SX.
As the whole body also moves like a suspension, the compatibility with the suspension also makes the tire feel grip dramatically easier to understand.

Personally I thought that the spring rate of this degree would be just right if there was a normal body of 180 SX. (It was hard to be a mini car)

[Unhappy point]


※ The price includes installation fee

Purchase price ¥ 110,000
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KENDA KOMET PLUS KR 23 205/55 R 16 91 V
October 02, 2015
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire

If it is a commercial tire, it seems like it will be Life length so long.
For purchase of used wheels for the time being, as well
While raining, we tried to go to the highway, usual pass road, but …,.
I could not stop, I could not get up on cornering, … I was scared to death, so I removed it in half a day.
It is weak enough to die to wet. 【Satisfying points】 Cheap 【Unhappy point】
Dry grip performance is similar to general cheap eco tires.
However, once the road surface gets wet it will not stop so terribly unbendable.
I was a bit scared even within legal speed.

It is not suitable for sports driving people.

Purchase price ¥ 26,000
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October 02, 2015
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire

BRIDGESTONE’s highest street high grip
It is good to run, it is good to bend, it is strong regardless of wet
Still quietness is moderate. .
It is a good tire.
Character something very similar to a tire that is standard on POTENZA 050 and GC 8 imp sti got on a long ago. A person who makes 160,000 yen with 4 dealer prices. I think that it is the best tire for the usual wearing of a person who feels like to get on the street, Chikuichiko Pass, rarely on the circuit.

[Content points]
In the same car to be compared
215 45 YOKOHAMA SDrive of r17 only.
Vertical grip POTENZA S001, horizontal grip 215 SDRIVE feel strong. The braking distance is short, and in the 180 SX normal brake caliper, there is a power to stepping forward to push the ABS operation.
It is easier to screw up and adjust the load at the back by stepping on. favorite.
The tire performance exceeded the brake.
It may be better companion with a car with an opposing 4 pod or something.

sdrive is also quiet and I can run fast, I like it with a sense of security but I like it even more POTENZA S001 that I can rely on high speed and rainy day.

I also want to wear this next.

[Unhappy point]
nothing special.
I want quietness, but I can allow it.

It is up to you think that the price is slightly higher.

The tread width of the rear expanded to the same tread width as the front, and the turnability declined due to the rear camber becoming negative about 2.7.
I feel that the normal camber will run faster, personally. Although I got accustomed to slipping a little bit and bending, I feel that the turning speed slowed down because the rear camber caused the ass to not slip. .

I’ve been upgrading the total course time. .

Setting the underbody is difficult. .
Is it a problem of familiarity?

The price is 4 wheel alignment measurement & adjustment charge included

Purchase price ¥ 110,000
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TANABE SSR SSR Speed ​​Star Mesh 16 inch 8 J
October 02, 2015
Category: Tires / Wheels> Wheel

I did not understand the size of the wheel that I could put on the 180SX normal body and it was expelled. As a result, in the normal spring there is a danger of interfering even with 7j, clearance secured by TEIN vehicle harmonic.
Front 7 J offset + 25
Rear 8J offset + 25
I wear a Speed ​​Star.
No interference without the fender nail folding in the above. I adjusted three times to Camber Negative on the rear by alignment adjustment.
Because the front desk still has plenty, it seems to be about 8J + 25.
[Content points]
I wanted a deep rim of an image like an old car and had trouble finding it in second hand.
Although it is a boro wheel with scratches, scrapes and bends, I fell in love with the form of 180 SX wearing the former SSR mesh with a deep rim.[Unhappy point]
As it is used, it is too rag.
I could not touch Yahoo auction because I did not know the size, but this made it easier to image offsets from the next.Purchase price ¥ 43,000
New / Used Used
Acquired route real store (up garage)

Apexi N1 evolution MUFFLER
October 23, 2015
Category: Exhaust system> Muffler

Although the muffler did not intend to change because normal was favorite, since it was exhibited cheaply at a certain famous used parts shop, I thought GET. From the main pipe 76 Pi to the pipe of 80 pie via intermediate Tyco, the structure called the tail end 120 pie via the tail silencer. N1 muffler who was concerned with the rumor that sound is quiet person.

I think the idling is definitely a quiet person as the engine gets warmer. Comparison with normal Normal: An impression that it turns flat from low rotation to 6000 rotations, but the rotation becomes heavy around 7000 turns. Even with a 120 km cruise you can listen to the music of Kirste comfortably.
N1 muffler: Torque up to 3000 rpm falls somewhat at normal ratio. The degree to which it does not care.

It changed to the characteristic of feeling boost to around the class from around 4000 rpm and became Dokkan turbo exhaust characteristic. The state of all engines except the muffler is normal.
From 4000 rpm it came to speedily go to around 8000 rpm.
After all the thick muffler is likely to be characteristic of high rotation type.

When the inner silencer is attached, the low-speed torque further drops, and the valley of the torque appears more clearly at 3000 to 4000 rpm. Even at high rotation 5000 rpm or more, clogging of feces makes it unable to rotate. Because there is a possibility of frying the engine with too much exhaust pressure, it is not good to have a silencer and high rotation.

In the case of 100 km to 120 km cruise and around 3000 rpm, heavy bass sounds (exhaust sound) that made it hard to hear the music of Carstate occurred enormously.

After all it seems that quietness of normal is hard to throw away. .

[Content points]
I like it just like it looks.
Since it is a straight piping, it is good that the bottom line looks refreshing.

[Unhappy point]
When attaching to S13, RPS13 (180SX), the main pipe interferes with the bolt for fixing the front passenger’s seat (outside the company).

So it is necessary to take measures such as cutting the bolts with a sander.
If you just attach a pin, an interference sound (a dull gobble sound will be heard)

Since it is a tail end 120 pie, I installed a commercially available 115 inner pie silencer, but I lost two dropped out in one day.

Unavoidably ordered apexi 120 pie adapter.

Purchase price ¥ 22,000
New / Used Used
Acquired route real shop (other)
Installation precautions Special processing is necessary

Defi Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF Thermometer
November 10, 2015
Category: Meter> Water temperature gauge

Thing attached this time
defi advance link unit
defi advance BF water temperature gauge
Defi advance Since the number of times to go to the boost meter circuit has increased, it was advanced from people of the shop and worn.
The water temperature is around 84 degrees as standard for SR20DET.
It was 90 degrees beyond as soon as it was on the circuit, so it was meant to run while checking.
Boost gauge, water temperature gauge and easy to see. [Content points]
It is easy to see.
With this, I step on with peace of mind. The defi link unit is additionally good, the development is also good because the wiring can be linked simply even if the meter is increased.
We will order an Apex Power FC and plan to boost up soon so set a minimum meter.
[Unhappy point]
Not particularly.※ price is the total of defi advance link unit and boost gauge, water temperature gauge and laborPurchase price ¥ 69,000
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November 16, 2015
Category: Drive system> LSD

I installed one way rather than two ways.
Putting from original genuine viscous
It is fitted as recommended shop recommended shop LSD which is indebted. There is almost no so-called snappy sound.
We are turning it back at a narrow parking lot at the multi-storey parking lot,
There is no abnormal noise in the extent that the tire drags on slightly when turning back. While driving it is slightly sounds when it is raining or just before locking but I think it is quiet and mild LSD. The mechanical type is an experience since the GC 8 Impreza, but it is more mild and felt better than the bastard of Cuzco at that time.
It turned into a car that often bends well and often rises.
After all the impression that it becomes a sports car when attaching LSD.
It depends on alignment,
In order to dolly out it will make it possible to do quite easily with this.
I do not do full-bodied dori, but it was a great difference from viscous if I tried to shoot himself a couple of times in wide places.It is easy to put down a snap and apply a counter naturally.
After all it is a natural impression.
The accelerator turn and the spin turn became very easy.At the same time, the final gear changed from 3.9 to 4.3 this time.
It was profitable with simultaneous work.[Content points]
Initial Torque probably about 10 ~ 12kg
It works truly.
The ascending hairpin curve in the mountain path, the old viscus, the inner race has idly spun, and the two wheels got traction traction.The straight running stability on rain expressway dramatically improved.
I like the traction which can completely ignore the puddle of raccoon something and like it.※ The price is 4.3 Final gear and ABS without differential case and each installation fee included

[Unhappy point]


I wonder if I have to make oil change mame.

Purchase price ¥ 114,000
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NISMO High-Flow Volume Fuel Pump / High Fuel Fuel Pump
December 08, 2015
Category: Fuel type> Fuel pump

Do you change the fuel pump as it is an old car body?
I was recommended to the shop and asked the staff ‘s hand – held NISMO fuel pump to be handed down cheaply. [Content points]
Impression that ignition timing is advanced with power FC installation, so it is slightly fuel rich according to it.
It is still safe for a while because the fuel pressure seems to be stable.
The boost is much higher than normal so the sense of security due to the dark eyes is very high. [Unhappy point]
The sound is disgusting.
It’s noisy whether cicadas are crying, Meeee ー ー nor Weaune.
It feels messy when it’s a quiet place.
No, it is noisy. ※
Prices include wages
List price ¥ 0
Purchase price ¥ 17,000

TRUST GReddy Racing plug No. 8
December 08, 2015
Category: Ignition system> Plug

Since the ignition has changed with the power FC, I raised the plug number for safety. [Content points]
Especially None 【Dissatisfied points】
nothing special
List price ¥ 0
Purchase price ¥ 0

Apexi POWER FC & FC Commander Set

December 13, 2015
Category: Electrical system> Tuning CPU

A superb dish that normally powers up with hanging poning.
It is easy to get on because the torque of the low speed range (low rotation) is higher than that of the normal ECU! The boost pointed at about 0.45 in normal time and it was about 0.75 which was depressed soon and was supercharged steadily.
There is a time when I go about 0.9 meter reading with overshoot, but it is feeling that it is stable from about 0.6 to 0.7 boost in a sensible manner.
There is absolutely no impression of any turbo, flat NA like the normal ECU acceleration acceleration of feeling.
Even a hanger is quite nice. Muffler replacement and fuel pump exchange are about changing parts of the car body.
In order to boost up in the future, we prepared the parts which can easily be burned with fire. [Content points]
I think that it is the part that can be powered up most easily because it can be used with a pump.
Also, since the controller is easy to see, it will also be useful as instrument, so I am thankful for the old Nissan car without the OBD terminal.
[Unhappy point]
Not particularly,
Boosted slightly, so it was easy to raise the water temperature.■ ※ Additional note after using half a year
Recently I adjust my map data by myself.
If you change the muffler or change the fuel pump while hanging it, knocking tends to occur at more than 5000 revolutions. I think that it will not break the engine if I do not talk about accelerator sooner than 100, but below 60
Ignition timing Overall 2 degrees retard
Adjusted to a somewhat dark eye (1.000 or higher) overall on the fuel map.I did not set the acceleration increment setting or the water temperature setting, but this caused the knocking to be quite low.It is pleasant to study variously on my own.Purchase price ¥ 100,000
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that’s all,

Parts attached before crash in November 2015

Become a late body

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