180sx tuning parts list part 2 (those attached with late car body)

All that worn before the crash is transplanted and replaced with boxes.

Tuning is still going on.

By the way, because I have not tuned about half a year since the crash because trauma of fear caused by wall crash did not come out. Turning to resume after half a year.

In Part 2, tuning focusing on body rigidity and ride comfort advanced.

TRUST GReddy GReddy Aluminum Radiator TWR

May 19, 2016
Category: Cooling system> Radiator


If it took boost on a long road uphill, the water temperature exceeded 90 degrees and it seemed to be over 100 degrees. .
Suzuka Twin When I made a lap, I started to think about cooling because it’s going to be over 100 degrees above the water temperature 95 degrees soon.

Simultaneously with exchange of radiator
NISMO Rotemp thermo
RB 25 Coupling fan processed and fitted
The fan of RB 25 seems to be better than 180SX genuine because of the large number of flaps, so air entrainment is more likely.


On highway
Genuine water temperature 80 to 90 degrees stable
Water temperature after replacement is stable between 70 and 80 degrees

[Content points]
I did not have one lap with a genuine radiator
After the exchange, if it is early spring, I wonder if I can attack 2 laps on the circuit. .
How about summer? .
I will be running soon.

[Unhappy point]
Winter is OK ,,,.

Product stand alone 35,000 yen
Fan 8,000 yen Used
Labor & thermostat
50,000 yen as the total price

Purchase price ¥ 50,000
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NANKANG NS-2R 205/55ZR16

May 19, 2016
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire


Purchase TW 120 with auto way

I tried wearing it at the front
Sauce is earlier than POTENZAS001 I was wearing before. Suzuka Twin will be bothered by a week.
Time fell 0.5 seconds.

Try on the rear
When hairpin crooked twice, it stopped eating.

[Content points]
Even if it is cold on ordinary roads and passages, it is pleasant to have a good meal.
One lap is the limit on the circuit.


[Unhappy point]
There is nothing in particular.

You can ride on a rainy day rain.
I can run well on expressway.
Because it is cheap, it is just right to wear usually.

If you want to raise the time on the circuit, the domestic high grip tire seems better.

I just got a slurp but
Because it is cheap, I bought repeat (laugh)

Purchase price ¥ 18,000
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Category: Brake> brake pad

The first brake pad exchanged at 180sx The day after the exchange I felt one shot at Suzuka twin and crash
It is not suitable for circuit driving.
I felt that the street ride was equivalent to genuine products.

that’s all,

Remember not to forget

It was about 20,000 wages included

Purchase price ¥ 20,000


May 21, 2016
Category: Brake> brake pad

It is a pad selected by a professional because it is dangerous even on a mini circuit if the temperature suitable for street is around 400 degrees.
It is a substitute that covers from town riding to circuits because the proper temperature is 50 degrees to 700 degrees. [Content points]
It is my favorite place that I can use with confidence without fading even drivers like myself who has long time stepping on the brake with chatter.
Of course it stops well.

[Unhappy point]
There are so many dust.

※ The price of all set including wages

Purchase price ¥ 37,000
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HPI dual front pipe

May 24, 2016
Category: Exhaust system> Front pipe

In the present state, it is a condition that does not do anything around the engine just by putting the muffler as a foreign item and adding power FC.
I wanted to taste a little different feeling ,,, When consulting the shop, I got worn in that the garage was good. Torque is going out from before 2000 turns.
No change in exhaust sound. (Because the silencer is bored)
[Content points]
The rise of the 2nd gear hairpin became very fast.
Quiet and powerful parts.
Boost 0.7 has come up to around 0.8.
I ran about 300 km while watching the knock meter but knocking was not noticeable.
Especially it seems that it can be used without adjusting the fire.

[Unhappy point]
Bracket is necessary for installation.

※ Prices including wages

List price ¥ 26,500
Purchase price ¥ 5,000
New / Used Used
Installation notes Part required

CUSCO strut bar

13 Jun 2016
Category: Reinforcement parts> Tower bar

I never felt any effect even if I put a tower bar.
In 180SX
Because I am insensitive
Although there is no physical sensation due to wearing parts,
I got up to 3 seconds with a course of about 1 minute 42 seconds getting used to running.
I can not feel it but the result changed. It is strange.
Tower bar = fashion
I thought, but.
I found out that it was a fine tuning item for old cars and cars with low rigidity.

[Content points]
I got cheap in second hand.

[Unhappy point]
Used and rusty coworkers w

The photograph is an image. .

Purchase price ¥ 1,900
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180sx rear tower bar CUSCO tower bar

13 Jun 2016
Category: Reinforcement parts> Tower bar


Rear tower bar I bought in second hand.
Scrap the interior of the trunk room in order to install it yourself. .

Because I was hard to put on, I asked a professional ,,,

Remove the strut bolt
Jack up and sink the screw of the damper
Disassemble the tower bar
It is possible to install cleanly without scraping off the interior finish.

Picture is the difference between ignorant amateur installation and professional installation.

[Content points]
I think that it is effective for 180 SX like the front.
I could not feel the front desk, but the rear normally means something effect
I can understand the feeling that the whole car body is stretched.
The strut is not sticking
Is it the center of the body?
Roof or under seat?
I feel a tight feeling like an unreasonable force is applied around.

It may peel off spot and spot. .

[Unhappy point]

I am frustrated that the car body is weak.

Purchase price ¥ 1,900
New / Used Used
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Category: reinforcing parts> other

I installed it to make the body with a mileage of 120,000 km a little firm. Front tower bar, attached to the rear tower bar
It became a car feeling rigidity to be unimaginable 180 sx.
I am satisfied.
[Content points]
Feeling that it gets firmer in the solid body with the front and rear tower bars.
In the image it became a ride like a luxury car.
Easy installation with bolt on.

[Unhappy point]
Cornering and fun are fun because traction has improved
Chattering of def when turning at an intersection may have become more intense. .
I am trying to raise the traction well.

Purchase price ¥ 12,000
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NISMO enhanced transmission mount

Category: Drive system> transmission mount


Because genuine was considerably deteriorated, clutch exchange is on.
Exchange at 12,000 km traveling

[Content points]
As expected it is a new product mount, and since it is a reinforced item, shift misses will decrease.
As cornering, full braking, and shift error at full acceleration should be conspicuous, the mount should have deteriorated, so it was a great answer if we replaced it.

[Unhappy point]

Purchase price ¥ 11,000
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OGURA CLUTCH ORC metal single clutch

Category: Drive system> Clutch

Replacing the engine with a mileage of 120 thousand km Replace the clutch of the vehicle. The other day, the clutch ended at Suzuka twin during drifting practice.
On the exchange, reinforced clutch debuts.
[Content points]

Even with the ECU and intake and exhaust exchange degree, boost 0.8 cars will also know the feeling of coming when accelerating if the clutch is strengthened.
It seems that genuineness was pretty slippery.

It seems to be enjoying the acceleration that comic is coming for a while.
Because it is a 400 horsepower correspondence product, it is too much performance if it is about 200 horsepower right now.

I also replaced the mission mount so it seems like a new car? It feels good.
Half clads are pretty wide, so it’s easy to do.

[Unhappy point]
Since it is an exchange from genuine, the pedal effort becomes heavy.
But, if it is not as heavy as twin and if you get accustomed to the city ride it will be a problem level. .
Once installed it has been stalled 5 times in 2 days w w

Because it is main town riding, it is practicing starting on a slope way.

Purchase price ¥ 80,000
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Pilot Tension Rod

Category: Suspension> Pilot Tension Rod

Because the genuine tension rod got cracked and it got caught
The car was strafing right and left by full braking from the high speed area such as the circuit.
For the time being seeing Bush was collapsed and replaced.
I am not listening to the maker as it is left to the shop.
Probably a famous guy. [Content points]
The handling gets pretty catchy.
Since the body rigidity has been increased by the tower bar front and back and the ark, they are also bent together with a good feeling.

[Unhappy point]
It is necessary to adjust how to ride because it tends to become a de-under if turning into miscellaneous.

Purchase price ¥ 12,000
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Apexi Power Intake

June 19, 2016
Category: Intake system> Air cleaner


Since I had the air flow setting when using the power intake of APEXi in the setting of power FC, I tried it on the trial.

[Content points]
Whether the intake air resistance has decreased or if the ignition map is seen, the ignition timing is advanced.
I do not know because the air cleaner ECU, but the torque feeling in the mid range increased.

[Unhappy point]
When the water temperature exceeds 80 degrees, since the knocking comes out, the fuel map has been completely rewritten.
Since it is advancing as a whole, it is retarded by 2 degrees in the whole area,
Mainly rewrite the injection map to fuel somewhat darker at 3000 rpm or more.

In the power FC hanging state, it was suppressed to less than 50 that the knocking was near 100.
Even if I keep stepping on quite a bit on the circuit, I have gone out of knocking as intensely as before.

Purchase price ¥ 14,000
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Indonesia tire manufacturer ATR SPORT 2 ATR SPORT 2 205/55 R 16

July 22, 2016
Category: Tires / Wheels> Tire

Because it is 205 flattened 55
I think that it is a good tire to enjoy from regular town riding to circuit driving. It is a grip performance very similar to Nankang NS – 2R wearing before Kore, but this one is harder to heat with heat.
Air pressure is the same cold. 2.3 ~

[Content points]
Good grip!
It is also strong against puddles.

I updated my best today at Suzuka Twin
(About 3 seconds up)
Is it because of this tire?

[Unhappy point]
The puddle is so strong but the compound itself seems not to be wet.

The ride feeling is firmer than the NS – 2R. .
Why. .

Related information URL: http://car.i6i6.biz/archives/1738
Purchase price ¥ 26,000
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July 23, 2016
Category: Chemical type> Gear oil / Mission oil / ATF / Defoil oil

Product name is
CUSCO LSD Oil API / GL 5 SAE / 80 W-90 Cuts (ATS) 1 WAYLSD is wearing an initial torque of about 10 kg, but the chattering on the street ride became unusually severe, looking for a good compatible oil countermeasure.
As a result, 80 W-90 which I wrote in a certain blog and gear oil were found to find something hard to adult.

It is also good compatibility for people who have ATS in town ride main.

[Content points]
Awesome silence
Chattering almost ceased.
Cornering can also be controlled differentially with chitin.
It is hard to chatter after running 2000 km.
Somewhat slight cockroach sounds sometimes appear after running on the circuit.

[Unhappy point]

If you buy two liters, it will be about 500ml so save it until the next exchange.

Related information URL: http://amzn.to/2af6 fMc
Purchase price ¥ 1,790
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RAYBRIG / Stanley Electric Multi Reflector Head Lamp Clear

September 12, 2016
Category: lamp, lens> headlamp

Optical axis adjustment is quite painful with use with simultaneous mounting LEDs [Points of contentment]
It is pretty bright and self-satisfying in darkness
[Unhappy point]

Optical axis adjustment was tough.

Purchase price ¥ 13,000
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Sphere Light SPHERELIGHT SPHERE LIGHT LED Conversion Kit H4 Hi / Lo vehicle inspection correspondence LED 6000K head light SHDPC 060

September 12, 2016
Category: lamp, lens> headlamp

Simultaneously with RAYBRIG’s multi-reflector
It’s white and bright. [Content points]
Brightness is amazing
[Unhappy point]
When wearing it on Litora, I got lost a bit in the processing of the waterproof cover and the place of the ballast (little guy).

In the meantime, if you adjust the optical axis towards the tongue as much as you can, it will not bother the oncoming car.

Pretty bright

Purchase price ¥ 14,000
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Installation precautions Special processing is necessary

that’s all,

Since it is too much, it continues to (3)

180sx dramatically faster from here